In this thread, we spend a lot of attention on useful tips that will introduce a healthy dose of knowledge needed to use calcium products wisely.


Terms and rules of sowing granulated calcium Promyk Agro

The best time to sow is autumn (pre-sowing and after the main sow) and spring season. There is no need to be afraid of destroying or burning plants because all of the calcium products both Active CALC and Active MAG with the addition of magnesium are ecological carbonated calcium. It is safe calcium – nonaggressive, unlike oxidic and hydrogen-oxidic calcium. Mentioned limes are fast-working and aggressive fertilizers, which affect the soil microflora negatively.

You shouldn’t mix PROMYK Agro’s lime products inside of the broadcast seeder chamber. However, you can sow it in the same term with other fertilizers except: ammonium nitrate, urea, manure, ammonium phosphate, ammonium sulfate. To apply granulated lime with mentioned artificial fertilizers you should wait for at least two weeks and with manure you and four weeks when mixing with manure.

The product should be sown similar to the other fertilizers with help of a standard broadcast seeder. The product should be sowed pre-sowing before using the cultivation unit or after the main sow after plants germination. You shouldn’t sow the granulate before the plowing – mixing with soil is inadvisable – it is better to use lime on top of the straightened field and you should leave that to decompose and infiltrate the soil together with water from rain. The product is perfectly suitable on cultivated land raising its efficiency significantly.


Important basis

Soil analysis describes and presents in detail the soil chemical composition – including soil pH. In Poland some soils require deacidifying immediately, there are also soils that have regulated pH and there is no need for additional treating with lime. While having soil analysis results from your fields every farmer has a chance to regulate the reaction of the soil in a right and compatible with agricultural chemistry way, together with the rule of ,,as expensive as it’s necessary, as cheap as it’s possible”. So if treating with lime is necessary every farmer should choose fertilizers from checked, trustworthy and local providers and apply them according to the enumeration based on soil analysis results.


The important choice of fertilizer

There is a huge choice of products for deacidifying soil on the market. Unfortunately, producents wanting to gain dominance on the market often try using unfair practices resulting in the theoretical quality of products that farmer gets. Pretty often because of the lack of knowledge on the farmers’ side he buys a product that is not dedicated to his farm. Every event of this type encourages farmers to treat with lime only.

To prevent that trust and quality is necessary, trust for fertilizers producer – so definiteness that a company/producer produces goods honestly and fairly, quality – so visible effect after using chosen calcium fertilizer.

Nowadays polish farmers as clients deserve to be treated professionally. Today that means consultancy in choosing fertilizers, market prices so certitude that the farmer is not paying more than he should and that the logistics so guarantee that the ordered goods will arrive at the place and the time chosen by a farmer.

Treating with lime

Only choosing appropriate fertilizer for treating with lime guarantees expected results. Magnesia-Calc is a mineral fertilizer with the addition of magnesium in a granulated form earned by cleaning and pulverizing dolomite rocks, which then are granulated. That product fulfills very important fertilizing functions, it lowers the acidity of the soil, increases the level of conditions for plants growing, and provides needed magnesium for the soil. Additionally, it strengthens the endurance of plants for freezing, regulates the assimilation process, simplifies gaining nutrients from the soil and it is a source of calcium and magnesium.