We are developing for you!

The last few years were a very intensive time for us – new establishment, extended transport fleet, multiple increases of yearly production.
It is a result of our Common Work in the field with farmers and distributors.

Increase of production year-on-year
Increase of storage space
Company coverage reaches over the whole country

Few words about us.

Our company started in 2009. The enterprise was created as an answer to the needs of the Polish and European markets. Qualified working cadre and the probes pursued by us allowed us to identify the needs of potential clients. Careful Quality Control allows us to offer you the products of the highest physicochemical parameters. In the current offer of our company you can find the following fertilizers:

– ┼╗ywa KREDA H+
– PhoptiFAST
– Active CALC
– Active MAG
– Magnesia Calc
– Wapniak Rolniczy
– Wapno luzowe pyliste
– Wapno luzowepyliste z magnezem
– Niesort

We have observed, that despite the wide offer of stock, the market lacks products simple, effective, and available – for everyone. We rely on our knowledge and experience. The qualified MKG PROMYK squad is an answer to the lack of honest knowledge in the case of treating with lime. Careful quality control and examinations are the conditions of fair and effective calcium products. Today after many years we have developed technology, thanks to which we create products, which we are confident of.
The expanded establishment, new warehouses, fair squad – in our opinion that’s the best we can do. In our offer, you can find only tested products.

What are we dealing with?

Calcium fertilizers production

Fertilizers storaging

Wholesale and retail distribution of fertilizers

Transport to client